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BEdesign Deer-hylly, tammi

BEdesign Deer-hylly, tammi

Normaali hinta €3.325,00 EUR
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Upea BEdesignin Deer-hylly on nimensä mukaisesti saanut inspiraationsa villipeuroista suomen metsissä. Kaunis hylly sopii ajattomasti seinälle tai lattialle monenlaisiin tiloihin. Suunniteltu ja valmistettu Suomessa.

"Bring a hint of urban nature to your surroundings with this BEdesign signature piece."

Deer Shelf is a geometrical shelf inspired by the wild deer and its graceful appearance. A guaranteed eye-catcher, beautiful as it is and perfect for displaying your favourite items. This stand-out shelf will definitely add a touch of attitude and wow feeling to your surroundings. Designed and handcrafted in Finland.

Each shelf is marked with a serial number and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Together these prove that you have purchased an authentic BEdesign product that has been designed and manufactured in Finland.

Material: solid oak

Colour: Natural

Height 107cm x Width 93cm x Depth 21,5cm
Height 42.12" x Width 36.61" x Depth 8.46


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