Returns and exchanges


Always send a return notification by e-mail to Please indicate the reason for the return in the notification, and kindly wait for more detailed return instructions.

If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days of receipt, if


  • The product is unused and in the condition in which it was received
  • All parts of the product (including product packaging and operating instructions) are stored. In addition to the product package, the product must be packed in its original transport packaging or similar. 


      Please make sure that the product you have returned is properly packed in intact product packaging, where all packaging materials are in good condition. In Uusimaa, you can arrange customer return pick-up for larger furniture shipments through our customer service.


      If you are returning a product that has been ordered with an invoice, payment should be taken care of normally according to the due date. Upon receipt of the refund, we will make a refund if the refund can be accepted according to our terms. Any reminder fees will be handled by the customer if the invoice has not been paid according to the due date.


      Please note that the right of return does not apply to:

      • Products that require assembly or installation and assembly has begun.

        If you are unsure about keeping a product that requires assembly or installation, a return decision will be made before you assemble or install it. 


        For textile and hygiene products, such as beanbags, towels, sheets or carpets, we accept as return products that have been fitted with care.


        If you have any questions regarding the return, you can contact our customer service.


        Refund of returned product and return costs

        The refund is paid by the customer. In complaint cases, Finnodeko. Returns are always made by mail. If you have made a return with the return code we provided, the return price is € 3.90 for a small package and € 10.90 for a large package such as furniture. The return fee will be charged on the total amount of your order, which will be refunded to you once your return has arrived at our warehouse. If for any reason you return the product without the return code we provided, you are responsible for the return and its costs. The original delivery costs of the order will not be refunded if you return only part of your order.

        The price of the returned product will always be refunded according to the payment method of the order. If the returned product has been used, damaged or otherwise unmarketable, Finnodeko Oy has the right to charge a write-down up to the full price of the product.


        Returns by mail to our office:

        Finnodeko Oy

        Töyrymäki 18

        02760 ESPOO


        We will refund within 14 days of receiving your refund. We process refunds on a first-come, first-served basis.


        We will make a refund decision upon receipt of the product. We will not accept refunds if:

        • Upon receipt of the return, we will find any defects in the condition of the product or its packaging.
        • An address card has been affixed or marked on the product packaging.
        • The product is assembled or installed. Many chairs, tables and stools require assembly, for example, hanging and wall lamps and wall-mounted shelves require installation.
        • Animal hair, hair, or stains on the returned product will automatically result in a negative return decision.

          If defects are found in the condition of the product, our customer service will be in touch with you. 


          Learn more about credits

          If you are returning a product that has been ordered with an invoice, please arrange payment according to the due date normally. Upon receipt of the refund, we will refund you if the refund can be accepted according to our terms. Any reminder fees will be left to the customer if the invoice has not been paid according to the due date.


          Debit card: The refund will be paid automatically to the payment card used in the order. 


          Internet bank: The refund will be paid to the account from which the payment was made.


          Fall: The invoice will be refunded once we have processed your refund. If you have already paid the invoice or part of it, please contact our customer service for instructions.


          Klarna Invoice or Installment Payment: The invoice will be refunded once we have processed your refund. Also notify Klarna of the return via the Klarna application, in which case the invoice will be suspended during the return process.


          Wrong product

          Sometimes, unfortunately, there can be a human error and you have been sent the wrong product. If we have sent you the wrong product, please contact customer service immediately. We will deal with the matter as soon as possible and get a replacement product as soon as possible. In this case, the return costs are free.



          If your order has been accompanied by a free giveaway and the terms of the promotion are no longer met after the products have been returned, you must also return the giveaway.


          Promotional codes

          Please note that the discount received with the promotional code will be canceled or reduced if the value of the order is less than the minimum amount indicated in the campaign when returning the products.

          Return from abroad 

          Please contact our customer service if you are returning from abroad.



          Product exchange

          If you wish, you can exchange the product you ordered for another one. Here's how to change your product most conveniently and quickly:

          • Order a new product from our online store and send the returned product back to us. Contact our customer service for a return email to
          • In the case of a product replacement, we will refund the shipping costs you have paid. Please contact our customer service.
          • When the product is returned, we will process it and receive a refund for the price of the product according to your payment method. At this point, the new product you want is usually already ahead of you in the case of a stock product.

            If you have any questions regarding the replacement of the product, please contact our customer service.


            Please also read our purchase terms regarding the exchange and return of order products.